Utah is one of the highest users of E-Commerce in America. Many businesses are using the advantages of online transactions and cloud based data storage. These processes help us all grow our company’s client base and ease of doing business. Knowing that our use of E-commerce is high, I decided to talk about the costs of Cyber protection. Cyber Crime has been a growing epidemic. Many people have concerns with Cyber Attacks. The average cost per record for a Cyber Breach is $208 per record. That can be expensive for someone to swallow. May local companies can help you build fire walls and like protection. It is recommended that you have a professional help you build a cyber breach policy and security system. The costs are only going up on this as cyber-crime is getting more creative. Insurance companies can help insure the losses from a cyber-attack. Some of those losses include loss of income, notification services to your clients and ongoing monitoring for your clients, liability claims, and preventative services. Insurance Carriers in our markets are expecting rate increases on this coverage as it continues to be a frequent problem. The cost to build proactive cyber loss prevention services, increased frequency in claims, and building ready claims access to their clients is causing insurance carriers to either limit their exposure by offering less coverage, invest in these service and risk needs, or get out of the game all together and let stand alone carriers write these for their clients. If you aren’t regularly reviewing a plan to build awareness to this topic in your company I would recommend researching these services. There are many ways to build awareness in these areas in your board meetings and employee meetings. Below are some websites that can help you get started.