Good morning everyone! As I sit here today, we’re rounding the corner to the end of 2016. So many incredible things are happening around us as far as Marketing & Technology are concerned. Each month I hope to share what I can to help us all wrap our heads around current tech trends as well up & coming tech with a little bit of past comparisons sprinkled in there. 

First though, why continue reading at all? Who am I for you to listen to about Marketing & Tech? In just a couple of short years, I’ll have been in business for 2 decades. 7 of those years have been laser focused on Technology Consulting & Cloud Systems Development (Yeah, I know. The not-so-fun-and-attractive behind the scenes stuff!) For almost 16 years I’ve been involved in the marketing, brand development & promoting of so many fun & incredible products & companies: from travel to nutrition & fitness, to hygiene products & so much more…. A few of these experiences, I’m sure I’ll be drawing references to in months to come. It may be enlightening to share about some of these successes, but even more so, the many failures lessons learned along the way.

We’re sitting in a time of massive online growth. There are so many new & exciting things happening all around us! From the huge influx of cloud tech, the Internet is now bursting at it’s seems, full of cloud based software. The climbing rise of IoT (Internet of Things) some would argue, are making our lives easier, integrating our physical world with the digital world. 

If all things Social Media online are not making your head spin, you may have buried your head in the sand. What are the best forms of Digital Marketing? Are there any small DIY things you can do, as you grow online as an “Influencer?” What is a brand? It is definitely much, much more than just a logo. How can you build a brand on a budget? When are you ready to take the next step with a Marketing & Branding Agency and how to find someone reputable to work with? What does your image say about you online? How do we go about monitoring, measuring & abating what is being said about us on the web? 

I might just use this first brainstorming to cherry pick what we get into in posts to come. This looks like a pretty good blueprint so far! I’m thoroughly excited to write in support of the new NuBiz blog & to see the progress of their websites, events, resources & so much more. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you so much for reading!