The Ogden Association of the Blind has served our community for nearly 80 years.  This 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization provides support, information, and services to adults who have lost their sight or are losing their sight because of diseases such as macular degeneration, type II diabetes, glaucoma, or other causes.  The OAB needs our help now to support its fundraising event to be held March 10, 2017 at Union Station.  Your tax deductible donation will be acknowledged through receipt and can be made in ways as suggested below.

  • Cash donation – This could be a simple donation, purchase of tickets, or sponsoring some portion of event expenses such as printing and advertising, food, etc.
  • Items for a live professionally called auction – Electronics, appliances, furniture, services, and special handmade items such as quilts, paintings, wood carvings, ceramics, etc. 
  • Items for silent auctions baskets -- coupons, gift cards, t-shirts, posters, flashlights, small tools, CD’s candy, etc.
  • Items for “swag bags” -- OAB is planning for 120 people for the plate dinner. Each ticketed attendee will receive a bag with small items such as pencils, key chains, book marks, note pads etc. 

 All donation will be greatly appreciated and appropriately acknowledged.  OAB is directed and managed by volunteers so 100% of the funds raised with your help will provide direct services to those with blindness or low vision and their families.  

Arrangements to accept and/or pick up your donation can be made by calling one of the following members of OAB:

                Elaine Dugave,            Chamber member      801-621-0579

                Chris Green,                Roy, Event Chair          801-529-6246

                Bill Gibson                  West Haven                801-732-8900

                Lee Robinson              Pleasant View             801-782-3456

            Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request to support the Ogden Association fund raising event.  Your support will help continue the long-time benefits provided ty this local service organization.  If you have questions please call one of the numbers listed above. 

P. S.    

            This event is on March 10, 2017.  That time will be here before we know it.  An early response with your donation would be helpful.  

Ogden Association of the Blind
P.O. Box 150032, Ogden, UT 84415
Telephone: 801-479-9019