If you are a real estate agent not satisfied with your earnings or an aspiring agent attracted by success stories of top producing real estate agents, it is natural for you to be curious about the working style and habits of these top earners. As is the case with any profession, top 5% of all real estate agents corner a major chunk of the total amount earned by these professionals. What is it that separates men from the boys in the real estate industry? Let us find out.

They work to get new leads

If you ask agents whether they spend time on a daily basis to get down to new leads, a vast majority will reply in negative. But it is this miniscule minority that spends 1-2 hours daily on search for new business that happens to be the category of top producing agents.  They are on the prowl all the time, constantly searching for leads and new business. These agents have their marketing department working all the time to create new opportunities for them.

They focus upon sellers rather than buyers

If you work hard for more than 50 hours every week and yet not able to close around 40 deals in a year, you should take a hard look at your working style. Top producing real estate agents focus more on listings and they have sellers as most of their clients. On the other hand, the average real estate agents have more buyers in their client list. It is a fact that a real estate agent can handle 4 times as many sellers than buyers. This explains the difference in earning between an ordinary real estate agent and a top producing real estate agent.

They develop a strong network of professionals

Top producing real estate agents have far more people in their network than an ordinary real estate agent. They do not just keep collecting and giving business cards as they develop a system of remaining in contact with professionals such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, bank managers and insurance agents. They have more than one of these contacts on their mind whenever they have to get work for a client done.  If one compares the list of clients of an ordinary real estate agent and a top producing agent, he finds that this list has mostly sellers in the case of a highly successful agent. On the other hand, an average agent is found dealing with a seller.

They provide valuable info and help even when lead generating

While it is a fact that top producing real estate agents work hard on generation of new leads, they also do it differently when compared to ordinary agents. They are never rude to the prospects and try to be of some service to them even when they have been politely declined by prospects. When calling up neighbors of a client who is selling his house, these top producing real estate agents always ask to be contacted if any of their friends or relatives are planning to buy or sell a house in near future.