Migratory birds find an inviting urban oasis at the Ogden Nature Center, the subject of a feature in the current issue of Utah Life Magazine. In the story in the statewide publication’s March/April 2018 issue, Provo writer Olivia Snow tells the tales of the dedicated humans who create an inviting home for their avian friends in the heart of Ogden. Great wildlife photography complements the article. 

“At the Ogden Nature Center, the early bird doesn’t just get the worm – it also gets to choose between nesting in the cowboy boot or the sand castle,” Snow writes. “Birdhouses of all shapes and sizes, from mini-trailers to carved-out gourds, dot the grounds of the nature center, home of Ogden’s favorite raptors. The center is nestled just off Interstate 15, surrounded by commercial and industrial areas. The center’s tall trees conceal the urban backdrop, creating a pocket of nature in the middle of town.” 

Perhaps the biggest bird celebrity at the preserve is Des Ta Te, a female bald eagle who first came here as a baby 15 years ago. She has formed a deep bond with falconer Bryce King. When the eagle laid eggs, she refused to leave her nest to seek food until King took her place to keep the eggs warm.

Utah Life publishes six bimonthly print issues a year in celebration of the nature, history, wildlife and people of Utah. Other stories in the March/April 2018 issue of Utah Life include a photo-filled feature on Utah’s desert wildflower spring bloom, a 4x4 adventure through Maze District of Canyonlands National Park, pioneer outpost Cove Fort, historic Salt Lake City bed and breakfast recipes, Utah trivia, travel, humor, poetry and a statewide photo contest.