There’s a new place to celebrate freedom in Weber County. Liberty Hall, located at 3677 North Highway 126 in Farr West, will open its doors on Independence Day with a huge celebration of freedom and liberty.

Liberty Hall was built by the nonprofit National Federal Lands Conference founded in 1989 by Bert Smith. His widow, Kathy Smith, serves as its president and chairs the nonprofit, Loving Liberty, which was founded this year. The hall will serve as a meeting place and library with resources to teach people about the Constitution and its principles. 

Kathy said she hopes it will become a great gathering place for the community. “It will be, first of all, an educational center, a place for conferences, workshops, and a big variety of get-togethers, maybe even wedding receptions,” Kathy said. “What I really want this to be is a place dedicated to Bert Smith for all his hard work in this community and for his love of liberty and the Constitution,” she added. The hall is just a stone’s throw from Smith and Edwards, the thriving business he founded in 1947 and guided for nearly 70 years.

Bert Smith would hold often hold meetings in the upstairs offices of Smith and Edwards for his Constitution work, but now a new space is needed and this is a good fit, Kathy said. The site has been a business and warehouse and when Kathy approached the tenants of the space they were more than happy to oblige the front area for Liberty Hall. Bert Smith viewed the funds in his nonprofit group as sacred funds and now this hall will serve people all along the Wasatch Front. Kathy said the space is a real tribute to him and his vision.

The celebration on Independence Day will be a perfect way to celebrate a wonderful holiday. The program will begin at 2 p.m. with speeches by Congressman Rob Bishop, United States Representative for Utah’s First Congressional District, Larry Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education and Stan Ellsworth, Author and Historian of the popular television show, American Ride. Kathy is thrilled with the line-up because all three men are educators about America and the freedoms Americans hold dear and that’s what Liberty Hall is meant to be all about.

Kathy said this is a great way to spend the afternoon of the Fourth because it doesn’t infringe on parades or fireworks and will be a great boost of patriotism on a special day. “We would love people to come get a piece of cake, decorated in red, white and blue, and celebrate the Fourth of July as it should be celebrated,” she said.