One of Ogden’s newest crown jewels centered in the heart of Ogden is The Argo House. Located on 25th Street and Porter Avenue, the house has been undergoing renovation for the past two years and celebrated its opening at September’s First Friday Art Stroll and was a part of the Weber County Heritage Tour in early September.

Annette Heileson is the ambassador for The Argo House and she calls it a place for “creative business.” “The Argo House is a group of evolving creative companies that strive to enhance culture through education, mentoring and collaboration. Individually our companies exhibit success in an environment of commercial competition, while together, pursuing audacious, culturally significant projects that elevate the subjective and objective value of our community,” is the philosophy on their website. Heileson said the owners and tenants live by that philosophy.

The dream of The Argo House came together with three Argo’s, Heileson said. James and Lauren Argo are industrial designers that needed a space to create their passions. Mary Argo, James’s mom needed space when she came to Ogden to visit. She has always had a fascination with old homes. The property used to be a mortuary, so the space was ideal for James and Lauren and Mary loved the idea of remodeling the old home and space. “They have done amazing things,” Heileson said. “Mary doesn’t do anything half way,” she added. For example, she noted that Mary brought in hardwood from Oregon that had to rest and adapt to the Utah climate. “She has cut no corners,” Heileson said.

Another goal of The Argo House is for tenants to foster a creative and collaborative environment. “You can have so much more creativity when you collaborate than with just one person,” Heileson said. She has noticed a positive energy in the space. While office tenants have their own work and business space, there is also a large communal area both inside and outside for artists to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. She has found it interesting that businesses, no matter what their artistic bend is, can still collaborate and get gain from one another. “It’s a wonderful environment to walk into,” Heileson said. While it’s an office, it doesn’t really feel that way because of the creative space and feel there.

Amenities for tenants include a secure facility, professional networking, showers, a break room, high speed internet access, access to outdoor patio and courtyard, housekeeping, private conference space, utility space and communal space. There are also regular business meetings for the business owners to create the collaborative vibe.

The Argo House is part of the Nine Rails Creative District as well. It has worked with the city in collaboration to make the creative space in inner city Ogden come to life.

The Argo House is open for people to come check it out. Appointments can be made by booking online. Heileson encourages people to come and check it out and if there are any local creative business looking for a place to land, The Argo House may be the perfect fit.