When customers visit Daily Rise Coffee, they get a unique, addictive type of energy that has nothing to do with caffeine. In fact, for customers and others in the community, that energy has come to define the business.

“Everyone’s commented on that, ‘You guys have a ton of energy!’ We just love to promote positive energy. And then all the sudden it just caught and it stuck and it’s like, that’s who we are,” said Jeff Furton.

“That’s us!” added his wife Beth.

High school sweethearts, the husband and wife duo started Daily Rise Coffee together 14 years ago and have operated it ever since. The new expansion into the WSU Downtown building is the latest in a string of successful expansions.

Their first location was a double-sided drive-through located on 2865 Washington that is still operating today. Written across the front of the building is the slogan, “Promoting Positive Energy.” The Furton’s special blend of enthusiasm and quality coffee proved successful with customers, and the couple later opened a second branch in Layton.

This was followed by the opening of their own roasting company about 4 years ago, which has also been successful. Daily Rise Coffee can now be purchased in grocery stores across the Wasatch Front.

Their latest expansion into the WSU Downtown building on 2314 Washington (called Daily Rise Downtown), opened on October 10th of this year. Jeff Furton says the area has been very welcoming.

“We’re really impressed with the community support from businesses around here.”

“And within this building,” added Beth, to a nod from her husband.

“And with Weber State. It’s been fantastic. It’s nice to be affiliated and be in with the community and the university,” Jeff said.

Much of Daily Rise’s success can be attributed to their approach. For the Furton’s, coffee isn’t just a drink — it’s a lifestyle. That philosophy can be seen in nearly every aspect of their business, from the preparation of drinks to the treatment of employees to relationships with customers.

Realizing that some customers see their coffee shop staff more than their own families, Daily Rise goes out of its way to create a community feeling. They learn names, drink preferences, family background, and favorite vacation spots. The staff frequently has regular customers’ orders prepared ahead of time. This personal connection is what people come to crave just as much as the coffee.

“To us, that’s what coffee is all about,” said Jeff.

In addition to the friendliness they show customers, the Furton’s are also quick to give credit for their success to their employees. When asked how two people could oversee such a large and expanding business, the pair is unanimous.

“We have an incredible team,” said Beth.

“We have a great team,” Jeff agreed. “We have an absolutely incredible team and the motto from the beginning has been ‘Promote Positive Energy.’ We have staff that we hire based on personality, and are fantastic. We still have our first barista, we have multiple people that…”

“Are going on eight to ten years with us,” Beth finished for him.

Yes, the two are so in sync they can finish each other’s sentences.

The Furton’s look for people with similar attitudes and goals when making a new hire. Personality is more important than resumes, and each individual employee has a bio on the company’s webpage.

And the coffee ain’t bad either.

Daily Rise roasts and brews their own beans and has an impressive variety of drinks. They are also one of the first coffee shops in the area to have a Ripple Maker, a type of 3D printing machine that allows customers to upload pictures via smartphone app and have it appear on their coffee.

Drinkable selfies, caffeine, AND positive energy. What more could downtown customers wish for?