In a world where even children have smartphones, there is an increasing need for quick, easy electronics repair. Enter the experts at uBreakiFix, who are able to fix most electronics quicker and cheaper than the original manufacturers.

“We’re trying to really build a culture of trust and motivated people that want to do what’s best for our customers,” said Chris Crosby, Regional Operations Manager.

Opening in Ogden/Harrisville in September of this year, the company currently has another location in Bountiful. The group hopes to open several stores in Northern Utah in the near future. Layton, Logan, Brigham City, and Farmington are all possible expansion sites.

Their Harrisville branch, located on 506 North 325 East next to Walmart, is different than many repair shops. The lobby has the sleek, simple feel of an Apple store. Products like cell phone cases and tablet sleeves hang in orderly rows on one wall. In the back, two technicians are busy at work at tidy, well equipped desks.

While the majority of their business is repairing cracked LCD screens for cell phones, Crosby says they’ve seen all kinds of things come in: bug zappers, hoverboards, fingernail drills, sub-woofers, even a CPAP machine.

Stressing quality over cheapness, the business is focused on building trust in their clientele. Crosby, who has been in management since he was 16, is a true believer in uBreakiFix’s philosophy.

“One of the best things about uBreakiFix, and one of the reasons I was excited to sign on, is that I’ve had experience with a lot of repair shops in the past. And some weren’t terrible, but I never had an experience at one of these shops where I thought, ‘Wow, I enjoyed that.’”

Crosby’s goal is for customers to have that very thought after leaving his stores.

The approach uBreakiFix takes with these repairs is convenient and accessible, something that customers who’ve dealt with manufacturer customer service lines should appreciate. Potential clients are able to bring any electronic device in for a free diagnostic with no commitment.

Crosby’s team examines the item, finds the problem, then provides a quote on how much any given repair will cost.

“uBreakiFix is very, very, very customer service oriented. A lot of the processes we’ve developed pay strict attention to making sure the customers are well informed throughout the process. And when they leave the store they’re very well aware of the fact that their satisfaction is important to us,” said Crosby.

Another advantage of uBreakiFix, according to Crosby, is the number of partnerships they have with companies like Google, HP, Samsung, and various insurance companies. These allow for better service, specialized equipment, and faster turnaround times. His team is able to do repairs for cheaper than manufacturers like Samsung.

In addition to the partnerships, uBreakiFix also offers warranties on their work. These can range from 90 days to a year, depending on the product. They will also beat any advertised price of a competitor by $5.

At the end of the day, however, their real business strategy is to provide quality repairs and do what’s best for customers. While many repair shops, regardless of the industry, leap at any chance to bill, Crosby’s policy is to do what’s best for the customer even if it means missing out on a little business.

Kindle Fire repairs are one example. These cheap tablets can typically be purchased brand new for cheaper than it would cost to repair them. Rather than taking the repair job, Crosby’s team will inform customers of this.

“We always have the customer’s best interests in mind, no matter what. Even if that means we’re turning down a repair.”