Looking for a delicious treat? Weber County’s newest ice cream shop, Bow Tie Creamery is the perfect solution. But Bow Tie Creamery isn’t your traditional shop. Its flavors are unique and reminiscent of small batch ice cream shops in cities like Fresno and Portland. The ice cream is made in small batches and the menu is driven by its owners – C.F. Diamond and his son-in-law Matt Healey.

Diamond and Healey (and their wives) got the idea after visiting those shops and loving what they found. “We just started bouncing ideas and thought we could do it,” Healey said. Diamond loves to cook and has always wanted to open a restaurant. He thought something like this would be a great place to start. Healey just graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in marketing and loves to try new things and so the two together make a great combination. Healey has always wanted to do a food truck and so the ice cream shop fits in that line of thinking for him. “Matt’s father has a brick oven (for cooking) in his backyard, so he is used to trying new things and stepping outside the box,” Diamond said.

They purchased the ice cream machine and haven’t looked back. Healey runs the day to day operations while Diamond still works his day job. It is a family affair with Diamond’s wife Catherine and Healey’s wife, Mary (also the Diamond’s daughter) in on the action as well.

“I’m always thinking of new recipe ideas and jotting them down,” Healey said with a laugh. He finds himself having to write down recipe ideas in all sorts of places, but it has worked. They have 12 flavors that pretty much stay the same and then three rotating flavors each month. They are excited for the community to try December’s flavors, like Christmas Orange and Lingonberry. “I have a list on my phone,” Healey noted.

Bow Tie Creamery’s ingredients are all natural and they offer dairy free options as well.

Both admit the business side of getting things off the ground was tougher than anticipated, but now that’s behind them, they are full steam ahead. “The South Ogden community has been very supportive,” Diamond said. The shop is located at 1479 East 5600 South next to Maria’s Mexican food. “Now that we have had the experience of opening a restaurant, the rest is coming easier,” Healey said. Their grand opening was in October and they have been happy with the crowds they have received and how much people seem to like what they get when they come in.

“When people tell us it’s like Salt & Straw, that really makes us happy,” Diamond said with a big smile. Salt & Straw is a popular small batch ice cream shop with popular shops along the West Coast.

The shop is fresh and clean with a homey feel. The ice cream is soft and silky and full of flavor and fresh ice cream is churned daily. Flavors like Lemon Blueberry Cake Batter and Speculos Smores have been hits with customers, but they also find that customers like trying new things like feta or birch beer.

“We are finding we can adapt almost any flavor to be an ice cream flavor and make it taste good,” Healey said. Plus, they are open to suggestions. On their webpage they ask customers for flavor ideas and they are willing to try just about anything – as long as it tastes delicious.