Succession Planning defined is the consistent, constant, and organized process to identify, develop, and support a pipeline of candidates for different positions throughout the organization in order to maintain its uninterrupted operations in case of planned or unexpected vacancies, ensuring business continuity.

Take succession planning beyond the C-suite and develop solutions that address gaps, identify high-potential talent, and drive growth throughout the organization.

The Objectives:

This workshop will focus on these key outcomes:

  • Describe succession planning and how it aligns

    with and supports broader organizational and HR

    strategies, goals, and objectives

  • Recognize organizational competencies that are

    critical to retain in order for an organization to be


  • Describe succession planning approaches that

    meet the specific needs of your organization

  • Identify current and future organizational needs

    that are critical for success

  • Recognize how to analyze, evaluate and adjust the

    effectiveness of your organization’s succession plan