Rocky Mountain Power representatives are in Ogden introducing small businesses to LED lighting technologies that can reduce out-of-pocket utility expenses and minimize cash-flow impacts to your business.

“Small businesses face many challenges, and our energy efficient lighting incentives make it easier to save energy, money and time when upgrading existing lighting systems,” said Clay Monroe, Rocky Mountain Power customer solutions director. “We also want our small business customers to know that wattsmart Small Business Direct technicians will provide reliable information and quality work.”

Through June 14, 2019, wattsmart Small Business Direct outreach specialists will be conducting on-site energy assessments in your neighborhood. Qualifying small businesses may receive enhanced incentives for energy-saving measures up to 75 percent of the overall project cost.

The offer covers some of the most common interior and exterior lighting upgrades, such as lamp-for-lamp replacement screw-in incandescent, CFL lamps, wall packs, and T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps, with LED lighting technology. Businesses will save money both on the incentives for the upgrade work and on energy use in the future.

To get started, business owners should set up an appointment for an on-site energy assessment by calling 385-212-2629 or emailing Once the assessment is completed, customers will have time to review the project proposal and the incentives offered before determining whether to proceed. The wattsmart Small Business Direct team will take care of project installation and management.

“We’re looking to make this very easy for customers,” Monroe said. “Saving energy helps everyone, and we certainly hope local business customers keep our technicians very busy during their time here.”