Bank of Utah and UCAIR Invite the Public and Businesses to Help Reduce Auto Emissions That Pollute   

OGDEN, Utah, Feb. 18, 2020 – It’s winter in Utah and people all over the state can see the air pollution that hangs in the valleys during temperature inversions. That’s why Bank of Utah is posting new Stop Idling, Start Saving signs to remind bank customers to turn off their car engines when using the bank’s drive thru windows at its 17 branches. According to Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), vehicles account for almost half of the typical winter workday emissions. 

In addition the bank’s drive thru lane signs, Bank of Utah is encouraging customers and employees to Stop Idling, Start Saving with digital signs inside the branches, email messaging, social media posts and electronic billboard ads. The Stop Idling, Start Saving effort is part of a year-round We Care About Clean Air initiative in partnership with UCAIR.  

“Turning off your car engine while waiting in line is easy and will save you money by burning less gas, and it will reduce emissions,” said Bank of Utah President Douglas L. DeFries. “We hope our campaign will help people become more aware of how they personally can reduce air pollution.   

“We would also like to encourage other businesses and organizations to join us in reminding their customers to stop idling while using the drive through lanes at their restaurants, pharmacies, coffee shops and schools when dropping off or picking up children,” added DeFries. “Together we can make a big difference in the air quality in our communities.”   

Bank of Utah has initiated other strategies to eliminate auto emissions including implementing video conferencing for most bank meetings, trainings and one-on-one meetings. Since 2014 the bank has saved an estimated 75,000 miles that would have been driven by its employees and more than 60,000 pounds of emitted CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Bank of Utah is also reminding its customers to use its digital banking platform, which will save car trips, time and money by making transactions online at their convenience.  

Thom Carter executive director of UCAIR said, "We applaud Bank of Utah for their commitment and want to remind everyone there are many, easy actions we all can take to reduce emissions including how we maintain and use vehicles, and the transportation choices we make such as using mass transit, carpooling, riding a bike or scooter or walking instead.”


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