In October of 2017, Newgate Mall kicked off the 2017/2018 School Rewards program. This program is a way for our local Elementary, Junior High and High Schools to win additional cash for their schools.

The School Rewards program is managed through social media. To earn points, students, their families and friends simply need to follow three easy steps:

  1. Follow Newgate Mall on Facebook

  2. Take a photo at the School Rewards Facebook Photo Booth inside the mall

  3. Post the photo* to Facebook, tag Newgate Mall and mention your school and

    #NewgateMallSchoolRewards in the caption.

*Each photo is worth one (1) point. Opportunities for bonus points each month are posted to Facebook. Photos must be marked “public” so that we can see them and count them toward the school’s totals.

Each month, the points are tallied and the school with the most points wins $2,000 to be awarded to their school. It’s that easy! So far, Bonneville High and South Ogden Jr. High have each won $2,000, and Mount Ogden Jr. High has won twice for a total winnings of $4,000!

Newgate Mall is proud to support our local schools, and we enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community that supports us!